About Company




    • Feb. 2021
      Certified as a Venture Company in 2021


    • Oct. 2020
      Conclusion of Foundry Mass Production Agreement with Busan
      Sep. 2020
      Relocation of the Corporate R&D Center
      Sep. 2020
      Selection of SiC SBD Development Korea Research Foundation National Project
      Jun. 2020
      Signed a Korea Research Foundation's Power Mosset Development Project
      Jun. 2020
      Signed a project for the Ministry of Science, ICT and Information and Communication on development of sic power semiconductors
      Jan. 2020
      MOU Contract with TYSIC


    • Oct. 2019
      Approved by ETRI Research Institute designated by ministry of science, technology and information and communication
      Jul. 2019
      ISO 9001 Quality management system certified
      Apr. 2019
      Made the Foundry NDA contract with Samsung Electronics
      Mar. 2019
      Made the technology transfer contract with ETRI SiC and promoted the co-development
      Feb. 2019
      Made the contracts of GaN prototype manufacturing project and INNOPOLIS Foundation project-based business
      Jan. 2019
      Made the co-development and mass-production MOU with Busan Power Semiconductor Commercialization Center


    • Dec. 2018
      Established the Corporate R&D Center
      Nov. 2018
      Moved to the KAIST ICC and moved the head office
      Sep. 2018
      Made the co-development MOU about GaN HEMT with Kyungpook National University
      Sep. 2018
      Made the marketing and sales MOU with JTNU
      Aug. 2018
      Made the foundry MOU with Jelly in Taiwan
      Jul. 2018
      Made the marketing and sales MOU with Helio in Taiwan
      May. 2018
      Established EYEQ Lab Inc.