Kwon-Je Kim, CEO of EYEQ Lab “Supply to the world of domestic power semiconductors”

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By 2020.09.21

“As the demand for power semiconductors increases, inquiries from domestic and foreign companies for supply are continuing. Along with mass production, we plan to export our products to China and Taiwan immediately and expand the supply to domestic and foreign electric vehicle batteries and renewable energy power generation and transmission markets.”

Kim Kwon-je, CEO of EYEQ Lab, who recently signed a contract with the Busan Technopark (TP) Power Semiconductor Commercialization Center and a silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor foundry (consignment production) with a scale of 300 wafers, said, “We are working with five global power semiconductor companies including the US and Europe. By comparison, our semiconductor quality has risen to an equal level. Now, the only thing left to do is to be recognized in the market and grow by increasing sales.”

EYEQ Lab is a specialized power semiconductor company that Busan TP Power Semiconductor Commercialization Center signed a foundry contract for the first time. Foundry supply of 300 wafers is worth 2 billion won at market price.

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