[2021 CEO of Hanbat University Startup] EYEQ LAB, which makes power semiconductors, which are the core of electrical products, a material superior to silicon.


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By Magazine Hankyung, 2021.06.02

EYEQ LAB is a startup company that develops and mass-produces next-generation power semiconductors. A power semiconductor is a semiconductor that performs control processing such as DC/AC conversion and voltage/frequency change in order to utilize electrical energy.

It improves energy efficiency and provides system stability and reliability by controlling voltage changes in the power semiconductor power transfer and control process. Power semiconductors are key components that determine the operation and performance of electrically powered products such as home appliances, smartphones, and automobiles.

EYEQ LAB produces silicon carbide (SiC)-based power semiconductors with better properties than silicon. It develops and produces core parts for most electronic devices that require power conversion and motor driving.

Kwon-je Kim, CEO of EYEQ LAB, established the company in 2018 based on years of experience and skillful technology related to semiconductor technology. CEO Kim said, “Power semiconductors are emerging as a key icon in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. The next-generation power semiconductors are used as key components of digital new deals, electric vehicles, and the Green New Deal such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G.

Most SiC power semiconductors are being developed and sold overseas. As most of the domestic products are imported, the country is highly dependent on foreign countries. CEO Kim said, “According to the supply strategies of overseas companies, the production volume of the demanding company is adjusted, which can lead to a decrease in the competitiveness of the consumer.” He explained that that is why he started this business and said he thought it was absolutely necessary to secure an infrastructure that could be applied to demanding companies through the localization of SiC power semiconductors.

The competitive edge of EYEQ LAB is that it is developing new technology products that are second to foreign companies. EYEQ LAB reduced unit cost by increasing current density by applying new technology process. By doing so, it has secured competitive edge in production cost. Development of new technologies was possible because many former Samsung Electronics developers were working as employees of EYEQ LAB.

On top of that, CEO Kim's sales capabilities also played a major role. CEO Kim, who has been continuously working in semiconductor field, has pioneered markets through continuous discussions with current customers. "We have established plans for technology development and marketing activities by identifying trends of competitors." said CEO Kim.

In addition, it also secured potential customers by directly submitting or participating in domestic and foreign academic conferences and exhibitions. It also held an exhibition organized by ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute).

CEO Kim said, "We will expand to various products to meet the needs of our customers. Based on Chinese sites, we will enter overseas markets and emerging markets to pioneer new markets."

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